Bio :
Australian born male, 1969, currently based in the Pittwater region, in northern Sydney.

Travelled extensively, including having lived the last 10 years in Europe, the last six of which was in Sweden ( Yes I did like the cold and the food ). I hold dual citizenship, Swedish and Australia.

Life Thus Far

“After being born somewhere, I am still now trying to grow up. Durning this growth process I went to a University where I learned about important things. Like student debt. Then I lived in different countries, and worked for different famous and important people, and some not famous or important people some of whom thought they were famous and important. Then I ended up where I am now. It is not were I will finish but it is where I currently do stuff. My stuff has been published and broadcasted in all sorts of places. I hope to continue doing stuff for sometime now.”


Rates are neg and depend on location (what part of the world) and what crazy stuff I got do for your gig. Starting point:

Photographic services $65 AU per hour and Film and directing from $95 per hour

Just some current projects:

Series of films for Sydney publisher Police Drone Squadron



Australian Female Mountain Bike Project for Get Chickd