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Everybody does! Marketing is a cornerstone to success for your business.
Contact us now to produce custom effective videos to take your business or project to the next level.
Very competitive prices with plans from as little as $100 per month.

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Lets break it down:

1. Start Strong

The beginning of your video is critical. You need to get your potential customers attention immediately. Start your video ad with a statement that will spark the interest of those in your target market. Make an effort to hook your audience within the first few seconds by addressing a common problem, asking a relevant question, or by sharing something that makes your brand stand out.
At times, you’ll notice that video ads can be on mute, therefore it’s also important to start your ad with great visuals that encourage viewers to take interest to your video.

2. Why are You and Your Brand the Best

Tell viewers why your brand is unique and different from others. Your achievements. Your great track record. You can even include customer testimonials and positive feedback. The more you highlight the benefits of your company, the more effective your video ad will be.

3. Timing Your Video Ad

A majority of the video ads online are 30 to 60 seconds. Plan your video content, to deliver an effect message, within this time frame .

It’s essential to eliminate unnecessary content, and spread your message as quick as possible to keep viewers watching and engaged.

4. Why Your Brand

What is it that makes your products or services, “the right choice”? You need to give viewers a reason to go with your company. It’s important to emphasize this when planning and filming your online video ad.

5. Use a Call to Action

The goal of every advertisement is to encourage people to take some sort of action. The call to action (CTA) can either be filmed, or added through graphics and text.

Ideally, it’s best to include the CTA at the end of the video. For example, to show viewers how they can visit your website for more info, sign up for a discount, or purchase your products and services.

Three Packages To Help Get Your Online Advertising Running Asap

Starter Pack

This is ideal for a first timer, short ad campaign or a one off special

  • One on site location
  • 3 hr Shoot
  • Professional editing
  • Very quick turn around time to have you up and online asap
  • Two completed video ads between 30 and 60 sec delivered in full HD quality
  • Very competitive pricing. Monthly payments available through direct debit of 100 pcm for 7 months or one off payment 600

*location and shooting conditions apply

Pro Package

This is ideal for anyone wanting a longer campaign, releasing ads monthly over the year, or multiple campaigns

  • High customisable package
  • Multi location shoot within Syd metro ( additional locations outside Syd metro can be negotiated )
  • 8 hours shooting, either over one full day or two 4 hr half days
  • Professional editing
  • Quick turn around time to have you online asap
  • Six completed video ads between 30 and 60 sec delivered in full HD quality
  • Very competitive pricing. Monthly payments available through direct debit of 260 pcm for 7 months or one off payment 1800

*location and shooting conditions apply

The Full Deal

If you want helicopters, models, actors, stunts and any crazy stuff this is the gig for you.

A fully customisable package designed to suit your needs.

After a detailed brief of your requirements we will tailor a competitive all inclusive package.


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