Whether you are an established business or just starting out, having a good online social presence is a must today. To do this you need the best visual material. Once just good still images was enough, but in todays fast paced world you need more to give you that cutting edge. To address this we introduced a cost effective but highly customable video production package. 60 sec promotional clip to promote yourself, your business your designs, that works across all social media platforms. Normally this would cost $1000’s but our packages start from as little as $200 for a 2 hr shoot.

Starter Package : 2 hr video shoot on location in Sydney metro. Edited 60 sec promo Video complete with copyright free music.  Just $200. This is a great opportunity to launch onto the social media platform professionally.

Intermediate Package : 4 hr video shoot on location Sydney metro and Studio/in door shots. 2 x 60 sec fully edited Videos complete with copyright free music. $395

Deluxe Package : Full day shoot up to 8 hours on location in Sydney area, Extending to South Coast and North Coast Areas. 4 x 60 sec Professionally edited Videos complete with copy right free music.

Our Industrial Clients

Our Industrial Productions Cover a Broad Spectrum for Both our Commercial Clients and Online Press.

Buzz The Trail Dog and Engineer

Part of a branding series produced in production of social media content for assists with the introduction of staff members for social media promotions

We thought it was time to Intro some of the crew from who work hard on the trails for you. Currently working on OMV, in Hornsby, NSW, Australia.

Mel Hayes Visiting OMV, Hornsby, Australia, with

Testing New trail : Hi -Tech, OMV, Sydney

Testing New trail : Hi -Tech, OMV, Sydney production